Thursday, November 18, 2010

Atheism-The Social Parasite

Atheism and society in general can be accurately portrayed metaphorically as the symbiotic relationship between a parasite and its host.

Atheism thinks of itself as being a fully functioning, self sustainable, belief system that should be the sole worldview in society, a society that has rid itself of religion. As a metaphor, this is akin to a parasite believing that it could survive, and be better off, without its host.

But we all know that a parasite can’t live without it’s host, because by definition, for a parasite to propagate and survive on its own, it needs various things from its host that it is utterly incapable of providing by itself. A parasite who espoused such beliefs would be said to be in a state of megalomaniacal delusion.

The same can be said to be the case for atheism. For any belief system or worldview to propagate and survive on its own, it must possess certain qualities that fulfil the human psychology and thus nurtures a functioning society. It must offer secure moral and ethical foundations to prevent nihilism from wrecking society. Foundational aspects such as sound reasoning for adhering to rules and laws; treating others with respect; liberty to allow basic human freedoms; etc. Without these basic aspects of a functioning society, society and civilization would quickly breakdown.

But In fact, atheism provides none of these things! Atheism only provides a subjective existence. You do what you want, when you want, why you want, how you want. If there is no god to set and enforce the rules, then the rules are made by the strongest.

This is thoroughly demonstrated when you look to societies from history that have replaced religion as the their social compass with atheism and science. Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mao ZeDong’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia all eliminated their native religions as their moral and ethical compasses and instead followed their self fulfilling subjective doctrine of atheist driven Communism. We all know what horrors ensued thence.

The fact is that they disavowed the existence of a higher power, thus they saw fit to do whatever their power over the population allowed.

The nature of atheism is such that it does not provide any form of moral or ethical basis. It is at heart ‘amoral’. This means that by itself, atheism could never survive. The only reason that atheism is as prevalent as it is in society today, is because it is benefiting from 'sucking the moral blood' of the religious society; It is incapable of providing the sustenance of morality that Christianity, and religion in general, DOES inherently have at its core.

Atheists claim to be self fulfilled only because it crudely copies Christian morality, whereas atheism alone actually provides NO grounds for any morality or ethics; atheism is only seen to be 'intellectually fulfilling' because it hijacks, and hides behind, the good name of science. It is only when you look closely that you see that science offers no support to the atheist faith what so ever.


  1. European Christian nations have been parasiting the entire world for over 500 years via imperialism and colonialism. Quite often justified by the bogus claim that they were bringing "god", "jesus" and "civilization" to the "heathen savages".
    That parasitical project is as STRONG as ever, With some of its strongest and most vociferous advocates being right-wing Christians

    Meanwhile two thirds of the worlds human population are not Christians. So where do they stand? Especially in a now instantaneously inter-connected globalized world in which all of the Sacred Texts of the entire Great Tradition of humankind are freely available to anyone with an internet connection.

    And every aspect of every Tradition too, including all of their blood-soaked histories. How many uncountable hundreds of millions of living-breathing-feeling human beings have been slaughtered by the agents of the institutionalized Christian church.

    ALL of those state sponsored slaughters were supported, and oft times INSTIGATED by the ecclesiastical establishments of their time and place. The Spanish invasion and conquest of the Americas was instigated and justified by a Papal Bull.

    There are now more Christians in the world than ever before. There are more Bibles in existence than ever before. More Christians books, texts, tracts, theology and comic books than ever before. The world is also saturated with Christian electronic media: TV, radio, the internet (in all of its forms), plus CD's and DVD's.

    And yet the world is becoming more insane, even psychotic, every day. Some of the leading vectors of this collective psychosis are right-wing so called "Christian" groups - eg Opus Dei and similar fundamentalist "catholic" outfits.

    And of course "Christian" America (that supposedly most "religious" of countries) is easily the worlds largest maker, owner, seller and USER of weapons of all kinds, especially WMD's.

    The three main members (countries) of the coalition of the KILLING that invaded Iraq, thus breaking international law, all make much of their Christian heritage. They were of course just extending applied Christian politics as it has always been - summed up in the words of the popular hymn - ONWARDS CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS ALWAYS MARCHING INTO WAR.

    The UK Tory prayer - praise the "lord" and pass the ammunition.

  2. Christians from every age have much to be ashamed of (though not nearly as much as you allege), we are sinners like everybody else. But I will take from your silence on the topic of my post that you agree will the thesis that atheism is a parasitic worldview.