Thursday, November 18, 2010


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I think that abortion is only right when the mother’s life is at risk from the pregnancy, and from the results of the many polls that I have seen, most people seem to agree with me. Which begs the question why such late term abortions are occurring, and with such horrific methods? The government is there to serve our will, so why are they starting to pass laws that basically state that these horrid practises are ok?

If the population actually knew what was really happening, then I’m sure some action would be taken (one only has to Google Image search ‘abortion’ for a wake up call. ONLY IF YOU ARE OVER 18!!!). But being human, we tend to look the other way and pretend that it isn’t actually happening for some reason. How can we do this?

The abortion of ‘a blob of cells’ is one thing (though it is still wrong), but abortion in the manner that is occurring at present is nothing short of an absolute abomination.

I am often confronted with the allegation that the ancient Hebrew’s laws and customs were harsh and immoral, my response has always been that their contemporary civilizations were much worse because they practiced abominable rituals like infanticide, amongst other things. We all look at this and think ‘how horrible’, ‘what savages would do that’, ‘thank goodness that this doesn’t happen now’. But it IS happening, right now, in all western countries, right under our noses, and in much the same gruesome manner!!! How can we simply look the other way?

Even Hitler would look at us with disdain, and this is no exaggeration either. I have read a lot into the eugenics policies of Nazi Germany and I can tell you that they were far more moral when it came to the treatment of their own citizens. While they certainly treated others with cruelty, they would have instantly jailed or even sentenced to death those responsible for such horrific treatment of mature foetuses.

That a person as demonized and hated as Hitler is could condemn our culture, should be a wake up call for us to mobilize against these atrocities. Talking about it and condemning it on forums is great, but if we really have an opinion then we need to make it known and do something of substance. Write letters to the politicians, give donations to appropriate action groups (try and avoid the extremists groups), deliver pamphlets that detail the atrocities that are occurring, we are obliged to do something.

I don’t know what the motivation of an atheist would be, but personly, I don’t want to get to the ‘pearly gates’ and give God the excuse that “I was too busy with work” while His beloved children are being slain before they even get a chance to demand their own right to life. I just can’t stand by and do nothing.


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