Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sexuality and the Decline of Society


Today I was involved in a discussion with some young secular guys about a strip bar that has recently opened up in my home town. They all seemed eager about checking it out. I was obviously less enthusiastic about the idea. Ignoring my obvious religious objections for a moment, the idea of standing around watching a debased heroin junkie prance around a stage simply doesn’t float my boat (this is something that so many secular guys just don’t want to accept; girls don’t willingly sell their bodies out of the enjoyment of it! It is always only driven by addiction and desperation).


As in most situations where my religious ethics clash with my secular friends, I feel obliged to offer objections of greater substance than simply saying  ‘my Bible says no”.
Why does my Bible say no? What reason would God Himself give for saying that stripping is wrong?


My personal opinion is that strip clubs are to be avoided because they promote a major corruption of human sexuality. They reduce sex to the bestial level. The female is reduced to a sex object which merely serves to fulfil carnal cravings, and sex itself is reduced to an animalistic act of hedonistic copulation.


The ultimate significance of all this is that sex affects the most basic unit of society; the family. The family is the rock of society, and because everybody is in a family, when the unit of the family decays then the society itself will disintegrate.


I firmly believe that the act of sex is designed as a linking mechanism which binds two people together into an intimate monogamous relationship.

This intimate relationship is impossible when one or both people in the relationship sexually engage with people outside of the monogamous relationship. The family can not function unless the parents are faithful, because sex outside the relationship breaks the bond between the parents.


Now of course spending a bit of time at a strip club is not the same as having sex with somebody other than your spouse (I will ignore the likelihood of voyeurism leading to this), but what this voyeurism does do, is to corrupt the person’s perception of sexuality. It degrades the healthy monogamous sexual attraction into merely a physical and superficial thing, from procreation and reciprocal love into carnal and ephemeral self-indulgence.


This corrupted view of sexuality is cancer to the family unit. With the parents of the family focusing on selfish carnal gratification, the bond between them will inexorably wane. With the boys growing to understand the nature of sex as merely superficial and carnal, they will then struggle to treat a girl in the way that the girl finds fulfilling and healthy, thus compromising the chance of a healthy family for any potential children they may create. So a future generation is corrupted before it is even conceived in the womb.


Voyeurism, while seemingly pleasing, is deeply corrupting. It is yet just another dark cancerous weapon that our society assaults us with. We must be diligent to avoid the darkness that plagues society, and instead seek out the light and be a disciple of it; The light of life as a great prophet once called it.

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