Thursday, April 10, 2014

Human Rights and the Pro-Vaccination Agenda

There is yet again a resurgence of the forced-vaccination agenda in Queensland, due primarily to a vocal campaign by The Courier Mail newspaper. 
Regardless of the dubious efficacy of most vaccinations, and also leaving aside the well-documented adverse health effects that lots of vaccinations cause, I decided to send the following letter to various members of Queenslands parliament focusing on the basic human right to not be forcibly medicated with vaccines.

Hello Mr McVeigh. I simply want to air my opinion on the proposed 'tightening' of vaccine regulations, and the strong push by The Courier Mail in support of this program.
I could not disagree more with this program of forcing medicine on the population of Queensland against their will. I am horrified that this is even being considered. As human beings, we need to be free to make our own choices, especially in regards to health. I do not believe that the government should in anyway inhibit this basic human freedom. Parents need to be respected if they make the choice that various vaccines may damage their children's health.
Again this is simply a fundamental human right to raise one's children to be healthy and strong without the 
interference from government, local council, or any other meddling power. 

Timothy Philp

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  1. Good letter mate. I voiced similarly in my recent survey and feedback form to McVeigh.