Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This is a Propaganda War, with Nuclear War on the Horizon

This is a letter that I have sent to a few newspapers in regards to the escalating crises in Ukraine. The current events in Ukraine are growing more dire every day, with the risk of nuclear war quickly approaching. We are in the midst of a propaganda war, and the crimes of the Western allied counties are being totally ignored and Russia's actions are being exaggerated and demonised. Hopefully this little letter will wake a few up to the dire situation that we are in.

          Is Obama insane? Are the US's allied lackeys trying to start WWIII?!!

Russia's actions in Crimea- while distasteful - are a storm in a teacup. There is no invasion, there are no killings and no persecutions. The people of Crimea simply want
to be protected by Russia against the new radical government of Ukraine. So they are democratically electing to secede from the state of Ukraine and align itself with Russia.  
And why is the Western world trying to sanction the country of Russia that has the economic capacity to cripple the whole of Europe, crash the US dollar, and if pushed hard enough start a war that could end with the use of nuclear weapons?!
Russia has done nothing to deserve such hostile treatment, especially considering it is the US and it's allies whose belligerent warmongering have systematically destroyed country after country in the last 15 years; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine may be next on the list of Russian allies to be destroyed. 
Why is the Western world supporting and funding in Ukraine, an extremely bloodthirsty coup d'├ętat by some very radical neo-Nazi elements, just as it has supported Al-Qaeda groups in Libya and Syria?

We need to ignore both the Russian and Western propaganda and stop this insanity. Our elected leaders need to cease treating the world like a board game, and stop supporting and funding violent uprisings against elected governments, no matter how untasteful these autocratic governments may be. The blood of hundreds of thousands of people are on Western government's hands. 

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