Sunday, October 28, 2012

ALL Things for Our Benefit

Now that I have come to see that God is in control of ALL things, I have also become convinced that I should be thanking God for ALL things, not just the things that I perceive to be good.
While this may seem obvious to most Christians, often our actions betray a lack of application of such beliefs.

So strong has this new application of my belief become, that I often actually feel guilty now when ever I thank God for only the things that I see as good, it's like saying to Him "thanks heaps God, but about time you turned up, where have you been?"
Despite the fact that we constantly attribute things we see as 'bad' to satan or luck and chance, our actions need to be dictated by KNOWING that God works ALL things to our benefit (Romans 8:28), not just the few things that we recognise as good. It must feel like such an insult to God when we only thank Him for what we see as good, He must feel like saying "but my child, I love you, why do you doubt that I have your best interests in mind? Trust me, haven't I already proven my fidelity?"
It feels so liberating now to praise God when things don't go my way, because I know that things have actually gone His way!!!! To KNOW that God is working things to my benefit even when they seem bad to my woefully corrupt eyes.... now that is the faith that I'm after! That is the child-like faith that God so desires!

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