Monday, March 19, 2012

A Spiritual Faith - part II

This post was written in the effort to fully understand the ‘spiritual’ revolution that I find the Holy Spirit taking me through.

The catalyst for my emancipation from the “dry and insipid rationalism” that I mentioned in a previous post was mainly due to the new church that I have found myself at. I was brought up in a traditional Lutheran church which itself is fairly dry and insipid, and basically devoid of the Holy Spirit. The church I go to now is still a Lutheran church, but is a far more ‘spiritual’ one. The pastor is letting the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit lead him and the church, rather than blindly following hidebound Lutheran doctrine.

This has resulted in a more Charismatic/Pentecostal sort of doxology. You can actually feel the Holy Spirit move through the place and through the people. It’s not something that I can really explain, you have to feel it.

I have been following the example of set in Psalms where David expresses total and unmitigated soulful praise of God for no other reason than that He is truly worthy. Whether we have a good day or bad; whether our mission/proselytising work succeeds or fails, He is worthy of infinite praise.

Psalms shows us that we are to have our focus on God alone. Worldly things/relationships are always vexed and will always let us down at some time and to some degree. It is only God that provides constant and unfailing love. Only God fully understands our pain and woe. I have found that it is this knowledge, when expressed through a total release of soulful praise to the tune of modern Hillsong type music, turns my depression into effusive joy within minutes!

I know that this sounds like a bit of a didactic lecture, but it is just my experience, I have only discovered this new ‘spiritualism’ in the last couple of weeks, and I suppose I am still trying to figuring it all out.

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  1. So good, OWM (Old Wise Man)! I agree with ur view of praise and its uplifting power!
    Jesus is Lord and worthy of our praise always! Halleluyah!
    Thanks for sharing:)