Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do Australians Want Gay Marriage?

I am bemused by the logic of a recent poll in Australia that was touted as evidence that Australians are in favour of Gay Marriage.

The Galaxy Poll asked the question whether ‘it was inevitable that Australian laws would be changed to allow same-sex marriage.
Apparently 75% of respondents said yes. But this isn’t what I am objecting to. What I object to is the conclusion that Gay Marriage advocates draw from this. They triumphantly claim that most Australians are in favour of Gay Marriage!

Just in case you fail to see the absurdity of this conclusion (which I didn’t pick up straight away either), I will explain using an analogy:

If a poll was conducted in Australia or America asking the question whether ‘it was inevitable that a terrorist attack would occur on your soil in the future’, I’m sure most people, if not all, would respond with ‘Yes’.

But does that mean we want it to happen? Or think it is a good thing? Of course not!

So neither is the conclusion true that Australians want Gay Marriage just because they think it is inevitable!

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