Friday, April 29, 2011

Monogamy vs Sexual Liberty

Sexual liberty is the most obvious vice today. It is assumed through apathy alone that no harm can come, and only pleasure will be obtained, from liberal sexual activity.

Yet in contrast to this, no one would argue against the intuitive fact that the human spirit only finds peace in monogamous habitation. One finds the most satisfaction and fulfilment is in giving oneself to only one other. We naturally pine for subservience of another, and in turn to be subservient to them. Monogamous sexuality is the greatest expression of this. Why else would such pain and grief be felt in the wake infidelity?

To give oneself in sex to only one person is the greatest expression of love. Therefore to give oneself to many is to diminish the love one has to give, even in a future monogamous relationship. Sexual liberty degrades the power and effect of monogamy. Monogamy is never as strong as when lovers have only given themselves to each other.

The ideal of sexual liberty, even through indirect social influence from the media, degrades the potency of monogamy, which in turn engenders the idea of sexual liberty, which then further degrades the potency of monogamy, and on and on in a vicious circle. In the end, the mind of the sexual libertarian, monogamy becomes worthless and untenable.

Instead if one believes the truth that monogamy is sexually sufficient, as our spirit tells us, then both the spirit and the body will be fulfilled. As opposed to sexual liberty, where only the body is sexually fulfilled, and only temporarily anyway.

It seems to me that the spiritual desire for sexual monogamy should take precedence over the bodily lust for unrestrained sexuality. One should fight against the body’s extra-monogamous impulses because of the knowledge that monogamy does suffice, and is actually the more fulfilling when more perfectly practiced.

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  1. This is a fantastic article. I like to see a challenge to the status quo.