Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alien Autopsy

I have recently been given a whole pile of videos, from a guy at work, of the UFO/Alien phenomena. Currently I’m part way through the fabled ‘Alien Autopsy’ video. And I must say it is very convincing!

So what is so convincing about the Alien Autopsy video? Let me just say that if this is a hoax -which the amazing human ingenuity is fully capable of achieving- it is a bloody good one!

• The external appearance of the body is very life like, despite the grainy and monotone nature of the film.

• The hands and feet have six digits, as opposed to our five

• Blood seeps from the pathologist’s incisions. Not so much as to mimic a still-pumping heart, but just enough as to indicate the presence of a fluid below the external surface

• One knee joint is slightly flexed by the pathologist which indicated that the body isn’t one solid fabricated block. I would expect rigor-mortis to have stiffened the body, but hey, I would also expect that extraterrestrial bodies would behave differently to ours!

• The skin, when peeled back, behaves as I would expect from a real organism

One thing that annoyed me was that whenever the camera went in for a close-up, the video went all blurry, which totally negated the purpose of getting the camera up close in the first place. Maybe this was to hide the less-than-convincing details of the hoax close up. Either that or camera operator was a trainee or just really drunk.

I kept expecting the thing to jump up and scare the hair off me, as so often happens in every alien autopsy scene in the movies! But alas, it was totally inanimate (phew!).

Being a devout Christian, I naturally believe that there are simply no intelligent extraterrestrial life forms, period. But that is not to say I am hopelessly biased and incapable of rational critique of the phenomena, like so many of the so-called ‘sceptical’ scientists that are interviewed in such videos. These people are so hopelessly blinded by their own ideology and arrogance that they can’t even address the phenomena without working themselves up into a childishly arrogant hissy-fit. The opinions of these types of so-called ‘scientists’ can legitimately be rejected out of hand as nothing more than pathetically myopic bigotry.

My opinion: FAKE (but a very good one!)

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