Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Prosaic Threat of Atheism

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I have been reading a few atheist works over the last few months in an effort to understand their position. I have read works by Dawkins, Dennett, Stenger, Mills to mention a few of the well-known ones. I have a few more to read, but already I am seeing a few general traits and tactics that they employ, ignorance being the most prominent one!

To be honest I am starting to see why Michael Ruse, a prominent atheistic philosopher, said that Dawkins makes him embarrassed to be an atheist! Their approach to critiquing religion is very poor on most levels.

One militant atheist trend is constructing a sophistic model of Christianity specifically fabricated to be invalid and indefensible which no Christian actually advocates or would defend.

They are egregious artifices, and only goes to show that an honest and accurate critique is inadequate to depreciate the legitimacy of Christianity. Thus atheists are left with the only option of the distortion and manipulation of religion and it’s Scriptures to try and discredit it.

I am getting more and more secure in my faith as a result of these books. Atheism really poses no challenge at all.

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